Sasha Taran

GNL - Global Net Lease Website

Web Design, UI/UX


Global Net Lease, Inc. (NYSE: GNL) is a real estate investment trust that focuses on acquiring and managing a globally-diversified portfolio of strategically-located commercial real estate properties.

My Role

Working alongside the developer, I served as the lead designer on this project.


The Challenge

GNL was the first globally based REIT to go public for RCS Capital. As the company was getting ready to list the fund, we needed to create a website to market and explain the fund to the investment world.

The sales and marketing goals for this website were:

  • To bring attention to GNL's public listing-a monumental occasion
  • Educate investors on the fund
  • Keep investors informed of the stock price and fund updates

Design Decisions

With the marketing and sales goals in mind, our focus in designing the website for the IPO launch was to callout the ticker by adding a fixed tab with the current price on every page.
This would allow the user to browse the website, view the portfolio, and learn about the REIT while always being aware of the current trading price, further encouraging them to invest. 

We included a news section on the homepage, with the most recent news about the fund featured.

Additionally, we emphasized the "global" aspect of the REIT with a carousel of fullscreen photos showcasing each of the picturesque properties.

Featured Properties Page

The featured properties page displayed some of the portfolio's best properties, which the user could see a quick snapshot of, while still maintaining the NYSE price tab on the upper left for reference.

Featured properties page with ticker

Featured properties page with ticker

Final Design